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Siren Jukebox 2.0

Developer: Sonic Foundry
OS: Win 98/NT/2000
Installed Size:  16.8MB
Function: Ripping, Encoding, Decoding, Burning

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Siren Jukebox 2.0 is Sonic Foundry's answer to the demand for an all in one MP3 player and converter.  The program does a lot including ripping, encoding, decoding, and burning digital audio (registered version).  The freeware version, Siren XPress, only lets you rip and encode 20 mp3 files.  Registering the product will let you also encode in WMA and Ogg Vorbis formats, access Internet Radio, add effects and equalize the sound.  

At first setup, Siren Jukebox was confusing.  The interface is anything but easy to use and a trip to the help files would be necessary for most users.  For some reason it would refuse to play my CD tracks without jerking the audio along in an unlistenable fashion.  However, it played MP3 files with good clarity.  

As for file conversion, my patience waned as not even the help file could solve my problem of the software not recognizing my CD drive when attempting to rip (ever other program I test does....).  Therefore, I could not even test Siren Jukebox's MP3 capabilities.

Overall, if you can get the product to work for you, it may be worthwhile.  This is clearly an attempt to take on Music Match Jukebox in the all-in-one music software arena.  But, due to the numerous problems I encountered, I think Siren Jukebox gets knocked out in the first round.

This software has been discontinued.




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