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Advanced Audio CD Ripper

Developer: MediaTwins
OS: Win 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP
Installed Size:  3.58MB
Function: Ripping, Encoding

Advanced Audio CD Ripper

Advanced Audio CD Ripper is a digital audio extraction tool for converting CD audio to MP3 or WMA. The program incorporates special error correction algorithms for ensuring clean and nice sounded files after ripping.

Audio CD Ripper:

The program first rips the audio track then immediately runs a file analysis routine to ensure accuracy. Then, if you have chosen, the program encodes to MP3 or WMA at your specified bitrate. LAME 3.91 is used as the encoding engine, always a good choice for MP3 compression. WMA 8 is used for Windows Media Audio which is the latest format from Microsoft.

For both ripping and encoding, the speed was very good. You can get even faster ripping speeds by adjusting the error correction routines. Less correction will get you more speed which is probably fine for brand new CDs without scratches or dust that would cause errors.

Bottom line: nice program but I wish it would do a little more. It is perfect for creating WMA or MP3 files from CD but does not encode plain WAV files or do any decoding.

Register for $21.95 for unlimited ripping and encoding
(completely secure ordering, will send you a registration code to fully unlock the software)